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LoadRunner vs. NeoLoad

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I have been asked recently about what I like about NeoLoad compared to Loadrunner. Without delay I responded saying “Loadrunner is undoubtedly the best tool in the market but NeoLoad is also a promising tool with a small learning curve, easy to implement and is cost-effective”. Having used and evaluated few of the many performance test tools, my priorities for the choice of the test tool would be as follows:

1. Supported Technologies

2. Functional Features (Reusability, Customizations, Ease of Maintenance)

3. Third-Party Tool integration

4. Tool Cost

5. Support

Having mentioned those, I would like to concisely differentiate between the two:

  Loadrunner NeoLoad
Supported Technologies Many more than what NeoLoad supports. NeoLoad supports a suite of RIA / Frameworks, WebServices, SAP & SIEBEL in Web mode
Functional Features Excellent. VuGen integrates with .Net and hence extends the functional capabilities beyond belief. Not sure if VuGen is extended to integrate with Java IDE. Limited Results Analysis due to unavailable raw data. NeoLoad will make raw data available in their next major release which is slated to release in a year. Ability to load java classes from within JavaScript extends the functionality to capture complex virtual user behavior.
Reusability Very flexible Possible with a few limitations
Customizations Can use LR API, C, Java, VB Can use Java script(limited API support) and Java
Ease of Maintenance Good tool for all kinds of projects and application sizes Good tool for small applications as script maintenance complexity grows with the size of the application
Third-Party Tool Integration .Net , CA Wily and seamlessly integrates with HP Suite of tools dynaTrace, CA-APM module to integrate with CA Wily. Helps monitor the synthetic transactions effectively.
Tool Cost

**The cost increases based on the selected add-ons

Close to $100000 for 500 vusers Close to $15000 for 500 vusers

*NeoLoad has flexible pricing options

Support Slow Excellent

Every tool has its own pros and cons and every choice is made according to the business need and objective only to leverage the potential benefit which is tied to the company’s ROI. Although NeoLoad is new in the market it has delivered good promise to date and is definitely an economic choice.